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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work and how do we get the work to you?

You send The Virtual Office Secretary the work that needs completing in the most convenient way for your business, i.e., fax, email, post etc. The work will then be completed according to your criteria and schedule and returned in the most appropriate method. Where necessary, work will be sent for approval prior to final presentation.

Can we meet to discuss requirements?

The majority of work undertaken by The Virtual Office Secretary is completed without ever actually meeting the client. On occasion, however, it can often prove invaluable to meet face to face at the beginning of a large project in order to further develop a clear understanding of the key business requirements. This, of course, helps to build and enhance the business partnership. If you feel this would be necessary, just ask when you contact The Virtual Office Secretary.

Our schedule is extremely tight – can you meet the deadline?

The Virtual Office Secretary will never undertake work which cannot be completed within the requisite timescales.

Do you offer a collection and/or delivery service.

The Virtual Office Secretary is based near Marlborough in Wiltshire - Free delivery and collection is available within a 15 mile radius of the office location.

How will the work be presented?

If you already have a clear corporate image we will prepare all documentation in line with this criteria. Alternatively we can make a suggestion for your approval.

Do we need to supply you with any equipment?

No. The office is equipped fully with modern technology. All you need to do is send the work.

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