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Let me ask you a couple of questions…

Well you’re not alone.  Many businesss struggle with this on a daily basis, distracting them from their core focus.  This can have a negative effect on their performance and restrict their growth.

Why not call me now to find out how The Virtual Office Secretary can benefit your business

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Having researched what potential clients needed the response was always the same.

There’s now a simple solution to these issues  -  Enter the era of The Virtual Office Secretary.

Since starting my business 7 years ago with the initial concept of providing secretarial services, my offerings have evolved to embrace my full range of skills and now incorporate Marketing and Sales enabling me to provide complete Business Support.

A flexible service which meets the needs of my clients is the most important aspect of my business.  Many of my clients simply want me to do ad-hoc projects on a remote basis.  Some require ongoing support for their general administration becoming a Virtual extension to their business whilst others need me to be an integral part of their company and their team, as is the case of Ashley Communications.

When I first met the Directors of Ashley Communications, a leading Medical Marketing agency, they explained they had a requirement for production of Powerpoint presentations.  They were doing it themselves and collating the material from worldwide medical consultants but it was taking hours upon hours, was not their forte and was taking them away from more profitable business.  They found their solution in me.  I now prepare all the presentation material in a fraction of the time.  They are delighted – they can now focus on their strengths and their clients are delighted – the presentations are better than ever.

The range of services offered by The Virtual Office Secretary is immense.  One day I can be found preparing a mailshot for distribution to 1000 recipients, frantically stuffing envelopes and sticking on stamps (self adhesive ones only!) the next writing a strategic marketing plan and the next taking minutes at a Parish Council Meeting.  We close only for Christmas otherwise we are available 24/7 – How impressive it is for our clients customers to state a need at 5.30pm on a Thursday and have a solution by 9am on the Friday morning.

Why Virtual  -  Have you ever added up your employee costs?  Typically a salaried £15K employee costs you double by the time you add in NI contributions, office space, equipment, sick pay, holiday pay, pensions…. As a Virtual service I set up the business in such a way that the only costs to my clients are those directly attributable to time actually spent working on their project.  The client only pays for time and services actually used – and that’s by the minute.  Our offices are fully equipped with the latest technology and are continually upgraded as it can be out of date very quickly –.  We make technology and the internet work for us rather than become slaves to it.

In 2004 I found I was in the same position that many of my clients were – Demand for my services was greater than the number of hours in the day.  I could either have declined any further work or as is my nature find a solution and take the business to another level ……I couldn’t employ someone as this would go against the whole ethos of a Virtual assistant.  The answer was to find another like-minded and skilled person who wanted to take a chance, get away from the 9-5 treadmill (although working as a Virtual Secretary typically means working from 8am – 10pm and sometimes throughout the night!) whilst forging a business of their own.  I now have 5 associates who work with me, enabling larger projects which require a team effort to be undertaken and generally greater workload capacity.

This has proved immensely successful from my perspective and that of my associates and clients.

While building this successful business I have not missed opportunities to make community contributions which include:

Events Co-ordinator & Committee Member of FSB

GDLF – Fundraising and now done on a pro-bono basis

Minutes Secretary for Wiggly Bus Community Transport Service

WBBC- Administrator

In summary, the Virtual Office Secretary has grown from a sapling to an oak.  Our client base has grown to over 60 regular monthly customers – one of which is in Belgium, another in South Africa and another in California (I’d like a face to face meeting with each of them to further develop our relationship!) We are continually looking to further develop our services and ways in which we can positively contribute to the businesses of our clients.    Our customers rely on us to provide a solution to their problem  -  That is what drives us and that’s what we do  -  Aut Invenium, vium aut Facium -  If you can’t find a way, we’ll make a way.

So now you know all about the VOS.  If you find yourself swamped under paperwork with not enough hours in the day and are not focussed on your core skills you know where to come for help.



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